For local authorities & other clients

Why clients choose GGN invoned

Since its formation in 2006, GGN invoned has grown to become the second-largest service provider in the field of compulsory collection, with more than 100 clients. You can engage us for public law and private law collections, including collections of parking taxes and for Reclaiming and Recovery.

GGN invoned is the innovative collection organisation for local authorities. We execute the entire process from the levy of a tax assessment, via warning notices to compulsory collection according to a route determined in advance. GGN invoned has fully digitised the processes. Naturally, you can also deploy us for sub-processes, during peak loads and for second opinions. You decide at which point in the process you engage our services and/or terminate the engagement. This makes our approach unique.

GGN invoned works for and throughout the Netherlands. The administrative collection takes place at our offices in Wijchen. Our bailiffs work throughout the Netherlands. This means that we have full national coverage.

GGN invoned performs the various processes efficiently and effectively, to a high standard. This is also shown by the fact that GGN invoned is ISO 9001-certified.