The GGN invoned Switching Service

A simple switch to a different collection partner. That is what we promise. The GGN invoned Switching Service makes it possible to switch simply from one collection partner to another. The GGN invoned employees ensure that the switch proceeds completely smoothly and that your collection process simply continues without interruption.


During an introductory meeting with the GGN invoned account manager, we look at the contract of your current collection partner together. We devote attention to the contract term and notice period, to ensure that you do not have to make double payments. GGN invoned can help you with the cancellation of your existing contract.

Placing an order

We decide together which services you want GGN invoned to provide. The GGN invoned employees complete any work that is still in progress at your current collection partner free of charge. You can purchase individual services from us, or outsource the entire collection process to us. In order to keep a grip on the execution, you will in that case have access to the GGN invoned web application. You will find all the management information that you need there.


The placement of your order will be followed by a confirmation meeting with your GGN invoned relationship manager. During this meeting, we discuss the current position and together with you, analyse the collection policy and the specific situation in your organisation. We then make agreements on the follow-up steps.


The GGN invoned employees will start work for your organisation as quickly as possible. We analyse the situation in your collection practice together, so that we can match the GGN invoned system perfectly to this. You can then benefit fully from cost savings.


If you would like more information or wish to make use of the GGN invoned Switching Service, please complete this form and we will then schedule a meeting with you.