You have received a letter with the subject ‘Request for information pursuant to Article 475(g) of the Code of Civil Procedure (Rv)’.

This means that the taxpayer named has not paid the tax assessment(s) and prosecution costs of a municipal authority or water authority. GGN invoned has reason to assume that you make or owe regular payments to the taxpayer in relation to salary or for other reasons.

Authorisation of GGN invoned

The collection is made by GGN invoned on behalf of the municipal authority or water authority. The authorisation is granted pursuant to a mandating decision. This is a written attestation that enables GGN invoned to exercise the collection authority not only in the name of the municipal authority or water authority, but also under their legal responsibility.

Pursuant to Article 475(g)(3) of the Rv, you are required to answer the questions. I guarantee confidentiality of the information received pursuant to Article 67 of the 1990 Collection Act.

We have sent you a request for information. Please send us your response concerning the taxpayer via this link.